Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Education And Options

I have been reading The New Global Student and am a little overwhelmed by sheer volume of choices to the traditional on-campus university education. The idea of the book as the subtitle states is to allow parents and students to get comfortable with skipping the SAT, saving their money and getting an international education. This Mashable article takes matters to the logical next step - an education that is completely free and available to everyone who is interested in it.

Between the two readings, I feel optimistic about the time when J is ready to go to college - she may have a great deal more choice on how to spend time and money in return for an education that is meaningful to her. It is heartening to know that beyond the narrow confines of a typical American public school
education, there are wide open vistas where a young person may run free, go as far as they want to without needing to hock an arm and leg to pursue their dreams.

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Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog and I see that you have been advocating for non-traditional means of education while skipping college. I think it may work if you plan to pursue non-traditional dreams such as acting, singing, musician. However, if you want to have more traditional corporate career such as working for McKinsey, Google, Microsoft then college education is a must especially if you want to pursue business career. This is because in business it is not about what you know but who you know and reputed colleges offer a great alumni network. If you want to interview with any major business roles in Fortune 500 firm, you need to know someone inside or else your resume is just thrown in the garbage can. How do you think these non-traditional education work in such a case. Also, you can never become a lawyer or doctor or teacher or nurse or accountant unless you go to college. I do agree these non traditional methods are great for learning experience but not that great for job market.