Saturday, October 17, 2009

Failing To Connect

Read this great post on why corporations are largely failing at social media. While the author's five point summary of the reasons is excellent, she really hits the nail on the head in a response to one comment :

In all, I think the larger point is not even that companies don't get social media - it's that they don't know how to be human, be helpful and get out of their own way. Social media exposes that.

Just that says it all. Companies are not inherently social animals - having the human touch is therefore nearly impossible. They look awkward and contrived when they try to promote a "culture of fun" in the organization. Even if they are halfway successful at it, being social does not equal buffoonery. It is the smaller shops with small, close-knit crews that have a better chance of getting social media right - it would an expression of their natural state on-line.

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amymengel said...

Thanks for the link, glad you enjoyed the post and the comments. It's certainly generated some good discussion. I think you're right in that a lot of smaller, more intimate companies more easily have the culture in place (or can create it) that is conducive to successful social media outreach