Sunday, October 25, 2009

Upping Intelligence

Had this been the month of April, I would have dismissed this article as a joke. The story is, if the Baby Einstein videos did not up your child's IQ, you could get a refund. Since they don't ask for evidence of IQ before and after in order to determine eligibility for refund, it seems as if it is a foregone conclusion that there will be no uptick. Talk about truth in marketing. My first thought was obviously to check if I had any such videos from J's baby days.

I do recall having borrowed some Baby Einstein classical music CDs from the library - I figured, a little bit of Bach or Mozart can only be a good thing for anyone babies included. As it turns out, I don't own any Einstein media and so there will be no refunds for me. That was a little disappointing. Here I was counting my unhatched chickens at $16 a pop. Naturally the article prompted a flurry of reader comments. One which I really liked was :

Any parent who believes that plopping her infant in front of a TV to passively watch a bunch of DVDs could have any positive effect on the child's intellectual development is certainly... no Einstein.

Touche ! Lawyers have apparently found a way to profit from the situation and reward parents who they seem to be suggesting had outsourced child rearing to Disney only to be duped.

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