Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Wait Time

While everyone may not have much use for a Starbucks iApp, the same idea extended in other ways can be very useful. Waiting at the doctor's office has got to be among the most aggravating things on earth. If one could sign in using an iApp, take care of the co-pay business, fill in the drive time and be notified to make it there and have to wait no more than five minutes would be great. Being able to cut wait time is almost always a good idea. Be it picking up dinner at a Chinese takeout or being told fifteen minutes ahead of one's turn at the DMV counter.

In countries where such or similar technology has been around for years, this might seem like a silly wish list but when you have wasted the best part of your Saturday, two weeks in a row trying getting something really simple done at the local DMV, you begin to appreciate the brutality of wait time. Add to that a doctor's appointment in the middle of a workday where five minutes of face time with the doctor to discuss nothing that is of earth-shattering importance costs you two billable hours.

As a side note to the second irritant, I may add that talking to a garden variety physician an increasingly underwhelming experience when you have done your homework on-line They tell you nothing that you don't already know which begs the question why you have to wait as long as you do and pay what you pay to have all of that repeated in their voice, in the comfort of their office. I hear the same thing from friends and family who have unfortunately had to go in for far more serious matters than a routine physical.

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