Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Featured Loser

I found this story about Facebook monitoring users with low or no wall activity and prompting their friends to write on their wall, somewhat disturbing. I have a FB account for my blog but not one for my real self. I find the constant connection and interaction with hundreds of friends and acquaintances very suffocating. If my real self did have FB profile, it would probably not see much wall or any activity for that matter. One sided communication can last only so long - after a while folks would simply stop poking me and writing on my wall. With that, I would be a prime candidate for FB's Featured Loser program.

FB assumes that a person's social standing is directly proportional to the volume of activity on their wall. What if the person is on FB simply because everyone else in their social circle is but they are not into social networking at all. Making them feel like a loser is not likely to get them excited about a medium they are lukewarm about to begin with. Upping activity and usage stats is all fine and dandy but this is probably not the smartest way to go about the job.


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Hemanth said...

One couldn't agree more. Social networking sites are becoming a norm these days. You've got to be on FB, Twitter, whatever. They are no more what they set out to be.


FB is different in many senses.
If you can blog without expecting comments, why not use your blog fb account to socialize with your blog fb friends :)
I'm sure you have a steady readership.
But god, i hate twitter.

Anonymous said...

like life, on FB too it boils down to being comfortable with yourself. No body can make you feel like a loser if you don't consider yourself one. I am pretty proud of the fact that I don't play farmville and write philosophical things as my status every morning. So much so, I think I am becoming a snob.

-A bonafide FB loser


sent you a note to an fb account resembling this blog.