Monday, December 28, 2009

Head First 2D Geometry

If you are looking for a book that shows you fun and real-life applications of 2D geometry while explaining its concepts lucidly, then Head First 2D Geometry by Lisa Fallow and Dawn Griffiths is definitely for you. There is not one thing about this book that is dull or boring - the words most frequently associated with a traditional geometry textbook.

Starting from the most basic concepts of straight lines and angles all the way up to regular polygons, each chapter approaches the topic being covered in the context of a real life problem that can be solved successfully by applying geometry. This format makes the book particularly useful to those who want to understand how and where geometry and everyday life intersect. Often this connection is very hard to make while reading a text book with the goal of preparing for a test.

Finally this is a book a student can read and learn from independently at their own pace, absorbing the material and trying the exercises in their own style. The conversational tone of the book, the real-world relevance of the problems being solved, take the fear factor out of learning geometry. I would highly recommend this book for kids who are a few to several grade levels ahead in math ability and also to students who need to master this subject as part of their regular school curriculum.

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Anonymous said...

Heartcrossings ,

This post of yours resurrects churns so muchhh of intense pain in me. It again brings to me my precious Mother. She did her Senior Cambridge along with putting up with the traumatic state of affairs with barbaric cannibals around.

She was such an illustrious student. Till her death she would gratefully recall her French teacher who detected her brilliance & nurtured in a dedicated way. She showed me her certificate where she was given 105 upon 100 for Algebra , Trignometry & Geometry combination.

Was any time willing to give FREE tuitions to anyone coming to her. Girls from Calcutta Loreto convent I have seen learning from her. A boy who was going to take joint entrance exam for kharagpur IIT underwent intensive coaching under my Mother- FREE.

I am in pain I am reminded of "Ingratitude--sharper than serpent's tongue". Was there really anyone ready to offer any kind of genuine a Heartcrossings ?

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