Friday, December 04, 2009

Incentives For Loyalty

Love the idea of Sprize. While many stores offer to match their own prices (if lowered in within a certain window of time of after the purchase) or against their competitors, the idea of crediting the difference to your account automatically is an enhancement that would be a hit with customers. It eliminates the hassle of keeping an eye for price reductions - often people will forget all about their purchase the minute they hit the submit button on the web or step out of the store. Sprize levels the playingfield by giving the non-savvy shopper the same incentives as the adept bargain hunter. This is great news for those of us who are never able to take advantage of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the like

It would be nice if other stores took a cue from Gap and went one step further. Instead of inundating a customer's physical and electronic mail boxes with largely irrelevant and time insensitive rewards, discounts and coupons they could have everything applied to the account automatically. So if you are eligible for that 25% off coupon, the next time you are at the store the cashier would automatically take the deduction for you - or borrowing from the Sprize idea give you the option to credit your account with the amount of deduction you chose not to take.

Loyalty programs designed to make a customer's life easier while saving them money would likely garner much better response than one that takes a lot of work from a customer before it saves them some money.

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