Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Social Media Marketing Book

Dan Zarrella's The Social Media Marketing Book is a quick and effective way to get familiar with all that constitutes social media today. While all of the information in the book is ready available on-line, asking the questions that will lead up to the answers sought is much more challenging specially if you are relatively new to social media marketing. This book has it all packaged neatly and saves you all the time and effort needed to collect the information.

Even when Zarrella covers familiar ground, he has fresh perspective or relatively unknown stories to share. For instance in the chapter on posting protocol for blogs, he writes about Mashable's success with the "God List" and emphasizes the importance of sticking to one topic within a blog post. Readers who are familiar with social media or even use it for the marketing efforts, will find things they may not have known.

Each chapter ends with a Takeaway Tips sections which I found very useful. The social networking chapter covers a lot of ground in a short space potentially leaving some readers with more questions than answers. Hyper-local applications such as Foursquare are not mentioned though Second Life is. The key considerations for marketing organizations looking to running a social media campaign are well answered in Chapter 10 - Strategy, Tactics and Practice. The chapter on measuring campaign success deals with metrics in  generic terms and not a lot will translate directly to your specific business - but it is a very good starting point.


Kate said...

Nice post. I came across this link got some good collection of latest social media marketing (SMM) happenings.

Social Media said...

Great book! Thank you for your tips.

Magnus Lundin

Heartcrossings said...

Thanks Kate and Magnus for stopping by.

Andrew Conner said...

I also looking for a book or ebook that related in social media marketing cause I want to start using it to help increase ranking of my new website.