Thursday, January 28, 2010

Being Everything

Though I don't own anything Apple, I love the design aesthetics of their products just like many other folks. My Mac-loving co-workers waste no time in buying the latest Apple toy and I am guessing it will be no different with the iPad. So it should not be too long before I get the chance to gawk at one. Despite everything that this device is trying to be, most reviewers seem to see it as a chunkier iPod Touch, listing the many missing features as they gripe.

Anyone who bides their time and does not give into gadget lust is likely to save some money and get a more complete product. Reading the comments on tech blogs has been fun. One woman argues that the iPad is unlikely to be a hit with female Mac-fans because the look of the thing reminds her of a feminine hygiene product. The over-size bezel is not a crowd pleaser either and I can see why. In some ways, this is reminiscent of the over-hyped Windows releases where reality and hype don't quite converge.

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