Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Questionable Results

The completely diveregent search results for the same term on Google and Bing would leave the average user confused. They would be forced to pick which provider to trust and that can be fairly subjective. In the context of their use, one or the other may have yielded the more relevant results but that is clearly no indicator of their efficacy or trustworthiness in general. John Battelle has the declining quality of search results among his predictions of 2010.

7. Traditional search results will deteriorate to the point that folks begin to question search's validity as a service. This does not mean people will stop using search - habits do not die that quickly and search will continue to have significant utility. But we are in the midst of a significant transition in search - as I've recently written, we are asking far more complicated questions of search, ones that search is simply not set up to answer. This incongruence is not really fair to blame on search, but so it goes. Add to this the problem of an entire ecosystem set up to game AdWords, and the table is set. Google will take most of the brand blame, but also do the most to address the issue in 2010.


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With Search Engine Poisoning rapidly becoming a menace, this is inevitable