Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ahead This Year

Sienna Farris looks at her Magic 8 Ball in this AdWeek column. The first three are already happening so more likely than not it will continue in the new year. The fourth requires having some social media marketing experience under the belt. Farris suggests : You'll see more companies using simulations and augmented reality to provide users branded text overlays and 3-D virtual demos on their phone viewfinder.

I would argue, that may be where companies need to reach but not a lot of them will able to go quite that far yet. Making that gaint leap in a year may not be feasible. I really like the last implication on the list : 
5. Crowd sourcing will turn social media into a direct sales channel. 

This could be the place where the interests of sales and marketing organizations can converge instead of being at odds with each other as they traditionally have been.

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