Thursday, February 11, 2010

Case Against Adolescence

The idea of ending adolescence is not entirely without merit. Specially like the practical implications (if this can ever become reality) because it would be such a blessing both for the jaded high-schooler who is ready for bigger challenges and for the all of often cash-strapped parents.

The fact is, most young people want to be challenged and given real responsibility. They want to be treated like young men and women, not old children. So consider this simple proposal: High school students who can graduate a year early get the 12th year's cost of schooling as an automatic scholarship to any college or technical school they want to attend. If they graduate two years early, they get two years of scholarships. At no added cost to taxpayers, we would give students an incentive to study as hard as they can and maximize the speed at which they learn.

While the devil may well be in the details, the utter simplicty of the solution is definitely attractive.


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog through a link on Gorigirl, since then it has become a morning ritual to check your page for a new post. Your posts are concise, structured and meaningful and the links you post are always intellectually stimulating. Reading you sets the right tone for the rest of the day and for that i would like to thank you.

This post like all others was brilliant.

P.S: Pls don't be so harsh on your fellow desi's!


Heartcrossings said...

PG - Thanks for stopping by and your kind words about my blog.