Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Walk Score

One of the first things I research about neighborhood before an upcoming move is school district - used to be daycare centers before that. Naturally, this is a very common thing for parents of school age kids to do and there is a rash of websites to help with the process. It is only by chance that I landed in a neighborhood that also has a lot within walking distance - quite a rarity in the suburbs.

Last month when we got snowed in for a week, J and I were able to walk across the street and get some essential groceries - no small blessing in that kind of weather. It was not until my friend D's husband came in an dug my car out of the snow that I was able to drive anywhere. At times like that you realize the importance of having your most basic needs available at walking distance - something WalkScore does.

My street address scored  32 out of a 100 but it is enough to survive. A friend's house scored a mere 5 and the difference is exactly representative of the relative walkability of our addresses. I had to look K's address up as that is in the absolute boondocks and not surprisingly, it scored a 0. Now, I feel better about being hit by a ton of inertia each time K invites me over - it takes for ever to get there and it is still in the middle of nowhere.

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