Friday, March 26, 2010


A word can sometimes be imbued with so much personal context that it could well mean different things to different people - that may be the idea behind Wordia. The creators describe their mission thusly :

Over the years we’ve tried many ways to improve our grasp of the English language. We’ve listened, jotted and scribbled down words that have excited, confused and challenged us. is our way of improving our own vocabulary and in the process, discovering what words mean to other people. Like most people, we’re interested in what other think and feel.

Some pretty bland words have come to acquire deep significance in my life

Likewise - When P expressed his feelings for me after a few years of trying, I felt both touched and tongue tied and all I was able to come up with was "likewise" to suggest the feelings were mutual. Since then using this word is has been a little difficult - like P owned it and it were consecrated to that moment from long ago.

Precious - I have associated this word with J for as long as I have been a mother. No the two are so entwined that I cannot think of them as apart or return the word to its original meaning of context.

Attempt - A word with more than one bad memory - attempting questions on tests I was not prepared for during my under-grad years, attempting to save a marriage that could not be, attempting to stay strong when I felt more than ready to give up. I still find it hard to associate this word with anything positive

Forgive - A word I grapple to fully understand. What does to forgive really mean ? Does it apply the same way in all situations ? Are all transgressions by those who matter in your life candidates for forgiveness. There is possibly no other word that confuses me quite as much as this one.

Dream - Possibly my favorite word. A placeholder for things that might be even if they have not so far. Waking up from a pleasant dream and remembering vividly while completely awake is such a wonderful feeling. I am in the here and now and yet so far removed that nothing can touch me. It is a short-lived and magical time.

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