Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remote Bazar

The idea of bringing a bazar or souk to you couch is a very interesting one. The more interactive and immersive the experience, the better for the customer. Imagine having a virtual reality application that gives someone the feel of walking through a crowded marketplace in an unknown country - even without being able to purchase, that might be worth spending some money to enjoy. This does seem to be an idea with some legs.
As the virtual and real worlds confluence more and more, travel will lose a lot of its charm. If one could experience it all and not have to expend money and energy to get there, it would take more than just visiting a place to get something out of it. Used to be only some parts of a country were popular tourist destinations and the discerning traveler would go elsewhere and have a memorable experience.
With technology where it is today and headed for in the future, finding those pristine, unknown nooks will become more and more difficult. Part of the travel experience has always been coming home to share one's stories. Today's audience is a jaded bunch - people have been there and done that. They know everything there is to know about the place you just visited and have heard about it from several others. The bar is much higher if you wish to thrill and delight them with your travel story.

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