Monday, July 26, 2010

No Short Cuts

Dom Testa's post Short Cuts is just the kind of thing kids should read or if they are too young to understand have a parent help them. This article also resonates with Testa's goal for his organization :
He founded The Big Brain Club, a community project of The Big Brain Foundation, to help kids overcome the peer pressure they feel to dumb down. Young people often believe that they have to choose between being cool and using their brains. Dom’s message is simple: You can do both!
He cites the example of Michael Phelps and Conan O'Brien to make his case about years of blood, sweat and tears resulting in huge payouts in later life. They would both fit the cool bill and clearly have had to use their brains to get where they are in their lives.

Realizing the importance of "coolness" in a kid's social standing, I always try to impress upon J the importance of having a distinctive personal style - not only in what one wears but in how they conduct themselves. Cool does not get any cooler than that I tell her.

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