Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Recently, my friend D found herself stuck with the unpleasant job of phone screening candidates for a position her team was under some pressure fill. According to D, even in the best circumstances, interviewing job applicants is not her favorite thing to do - screening them is that much worse. Being part of the group conducting interviews and as such a point of view among several others is what is she more used to and comfortable with. In these tough times, being put in the position of the "screener" is clearly quite painful to her. 
Yet, it is something she is almost required to do. To confound her moral dilemma, her good friend T has been unemployed for months now and is desperate for work. T's resume might qualify her for the position but D is concerned about T's ability to handle the work load. So she has not mentioned the job to T let alone the fact she is screening candidates for it. That makes her feel like a horrible friend. D and T have worked together in the past - and while they became good friends, D was not professionally impressed by T. D would love to give away her "screener" position to anyone but apparently there are not many takers.

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