Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heat And Ice

One evening during the recent snowstorm, DB said to me "For snow to settle on the ground and turn to ice, the ground has to be cold. If it is sizzling hot, the snow will melt away". He has a way with metaphors. This one came about in the context of (and the challenges  resulting from ) my innate nature which is impatient, intense and restless. The snow turning to ice parallels the constant nurturing of a new marriage until it becomes rock-solid and stable. The parched earth reference is all too evident.

Conversation turned to other things but DB's impromptu metaphor stayed with me. As I watched the snow settle down on the tree-lined streets and become ice, I found myself thinking about what cooling down would mean for me. It would mean learning to let go of things from the past, not feeling the need to be in control of my life, learning to accept that I have and continue to be wrong about many things, allow the snow to settle at its own pace without worrying too much about what might follow. Mainly it would be about learning acceptance and finding tranquility.


unpredictable said...

Very meaningful. Good luck with the new year, Heartcrossings. Hope understanding and love come both your ways.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heartcrossings,
Firstly, wish you and your family a happy new year!
I happend to stumble upon your blog and have been a regular visitor ever since. Your writings are insightful and you have a way with words. congratulations!