Sunday, January 02, 2011

That Right Feeling

There was something about Vir's voice that told Sheila that he may be the one. She had not seen him at the time - they worked in different locations of the same company and had met for the first time on a conference call. She tried to remain focused on the agenda and not get distracted each time he spoke. She chided herself for being irrational and ridiculous but it proved hard - Vir seemed to have some subtle subtext just for her as he went over the list of risks to the project. She was glad when the hour was up and Vir was gone. 
They would meet three days later, he would ask her out to lunch. They would end up spending two hours talking about everything under the sun except business. He would ask to meet her again the next day and the day after. Instead of flying out home on Friday, Vir would extend his stay for the weekend. They would spend those two days together. Sheila would feel that supreme sense of comfort she had never felt with any other man in her life. Vir would tell her that "I knew that there was something special about you when you first spoke in that call. I knew I had to finagle a business trip out this way to see if I was right"
A month later they were engaged. They both agreed this was bordering on insanity- their friends urged them to slow down and spend more time before making this serious a commitment.One Sunday, as she drove him to the airport, Vir asked Sheila "Do you want us to wait some more, continue dating ?" and she said "If my past is any indicator of how that will work, we will probably never get married. I have waited this long to feel that right feeling - there is nothing else to wait for". Vir stayed silent. As he kissed her goodbye he said "Sheila, I am more ready for marriage then I have ever been in my life - I don't want us to wait either. Think about when you want us to get married - I am ready when you are"
Vir and Sheila became man and wife a couple of months later, most of their friends were too shocked to be able to congratulate them from the heart - they felt the sense of disconnect and distance from those who had been closest to them in their single years. Vibha was overjoyed and she was in the minority. Most of them stood by to see what damage control they may need to step in to do once the honeymoon period was over and reality set in.

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