Friday, May 13, 2011

J Speak

Dinner table exchanges between DB and J can be very entertaining. Had to write down a couple of recent ones before I forgot.
DB tells J "Hey J, you are growing bigger". J shoots him a withering look "Did you just insult me and call me fat ?". This coming from some who weighs less than sixty pounds is beyond funny but DB went on to clarify his intent - big as growing bigger and taller. "Well, there is big as in Larry the Cable Guy and tall as in Shaq O'Neal. Which one did you mean ?" J shot right back. This is what happens when you bring a tween and cable TV together - this is pop-culture immersion meeting tween attitude. 
DB asks J "Do you think it's fair that your mom takes my entire paycheck away ?" and she replies "No, it's not. It's a free country but not a fair world". Whatever the provenance of that piece of J Speak, it certainly left us at a loss for words. I am bracing myself for what she will throw at us once she hits her teens. In the meanwhile, I am browsing the self-help aisle seeking professional advice for parents of tweens with tude.


Anonymous said...

nice one

ggop said...

Oh snap! J is quite the queen of comebacks. :)