Thursday, April 12, 2012

Middle Ground

DB is the master in the fine art of relaxing and unwinding. Enjoying downtime does not come to me easily and I over-stuff my schedule just as I do my bags when I travel. Needless to say, DB will always have plenty of room in his and is befuddled by how I pack. The happy medium in our household would require us both of negotiate out of our comfort zones and meet somewhere in between.
It would be the place where I learn to relax and take more time off to pursue my happiness and DB can find the mundane routines of domesticity a little less irksome and limiting of his personal freedom.
While such compromise may appear the natural and indeed happy outcome of the marriage of DB and I, in reality, middle ground is harder to come by. To that extent, DB will try to put some of his domestic responsibilities into a clockwork routine so he does them without being conscious of the effort. For my part, I will include downtime in my calendar so I always get around to it. 
So in theory, we are each meeting the other's expectations and yet the way we go about it is completely at odds with the very intent of meeting that expectation. We are realizing the middle ground is not just about reaching a prescribed destination - the journey undertaken to reach there has the greater significance.

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