Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hybrid Education

I have been watching the progress online education has been making in the last several years and feel optimistic it will be a viable complement to brick and mortar education by when J is ready for college. That said, I am always eager to hear what the punditry has to say on the topic.
Not sure where to place my bet exactly, but I do believe that the rising cost of brick and mortar institutions will force even the most deserving students to go online. They will be the force that levels the playing field. If an institution does not lower its selection criteria for the program that will be delivered online, there is no reason why it would not be viewed at par with the classroom version.
The other factor to consider is the freedom online education allows the student. They could be apprenticing in their field of work and become better prepared for the job once they graduate. An online student's gap year would not have to be a net loss in education. If the market accepts an online graduate the same as their brick and mortar counterpart, it would the first choice for many students - including those who do not lack the means to pay for four years of college.

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