Saturday, August 18, 2012

Meal Planning

For months J has been asking that I vary our dinner (and lunch) menus. Both she and DB love it when I go off the beaten track and ask that I do it more often . They are enthusiastic in their praise but do not resort to flattery - so cutting corners, random substitutions are other forms of laziness in the kitchen that I am notorious for don't out work so well. 
Like all customers, they really don't know what they want and are not able to help me plan the meals. Their criteria for variation is vague at best - "you are good with mixing stuff up - just use your imagination" is the most I can get out of DB. J will ask for food from around the world that is not "blah" and "boring". Being that the specifications are clear as mud,  I am left with both meal planning and grocery list making. To that end, I have been in the market for a tool that can:
1. Pull recipes from my favorite websites (with a single click) - Epicurious and SeriousEats would be enough but being able to go elsewhere would be nice
2. Let me select the meals I want to prepare for a family of three and create a weekly grocery list
3. Allow me choose where can I buy what I need - based on a combined criteria of proximity and price
4. Tag recipes by criteria I define as important
8. Email me the shopping list and all relevant coupons
Food on the Table is a definitely step in the right direction but not entirely what I am looking for. It would be interesting to see how they improve and enhance the product. Plan to Eat is more feature rich but not something I would pay for.

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