Saturday, August 11, 2012

On Color

Today J has assigned us this quote by artist Jim Hodges : Color is an intense experience on its own to write about.
Having always reacted to color quite intensely, I can attest to this even without knowing the exact context of the quote. Some colors dampen my spirits; in the most difficult phases of my life, the very colors I disliked crowded my wardrobe. I must have gravitated to things that caused me pain and sought comfort in the familiar place of sadness. In time, I got rid of those clothes and became more vigilant about keeping those colors out and bringing back more happy colors. Entering a room where white is the predominant color will almost immediately calm me down, warm earth tones make me feel at home and dark shades turn me gloomy. 
My reaction to art has almost nothing to do with color. The form, texture and what it suggests to me means a lot more. The element of cleverness or surprise acts as the hook with the colors being the background in which the story is told. It will be interesting to consider art from Hodge's perspective - color first.

And here is J's post on the same quote.

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