Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Diet Control

I don't need this kind of help with keeping my daily calorie intake in order

One of my Twitter buddies recently joked that the ideal fitness device will be a neck collar that monitors the food going down your throat and then chokes you when you hit your calorie limit.

A temporary amnesia inducing device that will make me forget where I have my stash of dark chocolate would be far more helpful. In our household DB and I have the sweet tooth but J not so much. If I want to ration my chocolate, I hand the bar over to J and have her dole out the portions. She can make a bar of chocolate stretch a very, very long time - to the point that I lose my craving.

Sadly, she does not have a super secret location to hide away the supplies. So sometimes when I am at home alone, I have exceeded my ration by quite a bit. She takes her role as the chocolate police very seriously and a very dim view of such behavior - the need for a lock and key has been brought up several times. Traditionally, this would not be a role a child gets assigned but J is the best qualified for the job in our house. DB routinely empties out her supplies (in my defense, I would never do that, I just exceed my allocation by a bit) but is very diligent about replenishing what he took and then some to repent the error of his ways. J generally prefers that he was the was the one who raided the supplies because I rarely bother to keep track or refill. DB gives her the satisfaction of being tough and effective chocolate cop.

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