Thursday, October 17, 2013

Baby Pictures

For a recent school project, J needed a picture of my grandmother. We pulled out the album of J's baby pictures which has one of her on grandma's lap. Checking out  baby pictures is an activity everyone in my family enjoys - specially J. DB gets to be part of her life that precedes him so he wants to know the stories behind the pictures. Compared to these very creative pictures, mine are very pedestrian. They made me think about how we capture childhood as parents and what that says about us. Most of us are inspired by cuteness - we want to capture that precious moment. 

Most of the ideas come from his daughters – eight-year-old Kristin and five-year-old Kayla. Jason says that they are never-ending source of ideas.

Going the creative route and getting ideas from the subject on how to photograph them never occurred to me. The two young ladies in these adorable pictures tell a story that is so special and unique - it is only about them and their father. Every child like J has a ton of cute baby pictures and all babies have cuteness in common. These pictures end up being about the photographer's view of their childhood and not  their own experience. Only a child would think of duck taping their baby sister to the wall - and that memory can be relived for ever.

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