Thursday, October 24, 2013

Longing To Create

One of the comments on this article about the biological urge women feel to have babies, mirrors my own experience

I remember being 28 and having an urge to have a baby. I swooned at every kid that I cute, want one.
Well I began painting and the urge went away. 

Several women echo those sentiments in the comment thread. I used to wonder about my sporadic urge to paint water-colors. Before there was J, I had several of these "episodes" some lasting a few weeks others several months. But for the last decade or so it has been completely dead. 

And then recently, it struck me again - not sure how long this phase will last but it is as manic as it as ever been. I hear myself telling my friends that I miss having a baby and that J will be gone to college soon - five years is not that far away. J still allows me to baby her sometimes. I am starting to make peace with the fact there will not be another baby. Maybe the longing to create one is being channelled this way - it would explain the ten year hiatus.

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