Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Created Chance

Reading this line in an article about what we make algorithms do for us today made me think about serendipity. As one of the commentators noted the writer is referring to predictive modeling and not an alogorthirm

The leading dating sites use mathematical formulae and computations to sort their users’ profiles into pairs, and let the magic take its probabilistically predicted course.

It does not have to be that way. A good "algorithm" backed by user preferences and data can create and gamify serendipitous encounters. So boy does not need to meet girl the staged, managed and artificial way. Instead he can encounter the ideal person in the manner that he chooses and she likes as well. A host of service providers could help orchestrate this event and monetize it as they go along. A win-win for everyone. Boy bumps into girl at coffee shop, offers to re-fill her coffee, says all the things she says she'd love to hear on the first "date" and everyone goes home happy.

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