Monday, March 03, 2014

Blending In

I am all for women looking their feminine best in the workplace but have to say the blinding blue of Ms Mayer's outfit made it impossible for me to focus on the content on this article. I get that she is trying to prove that being a geek is not unattractive at all. Its cool that she is color coordinated with the company logo. But that dazzling dress gets in the way of what she has to say. Instead of this being an article on business and technology it became about her dress - a dozen more pictures could have anchored a fun fashion article and I would have gladly read it. But this thing has me visually and otherwise confused. Would it be okay if a man in her place wore a something that was just as distracting ? Would that be considered being fun and relaxed for him to do instead of being oddly out of place ? 

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