Monday, March 10, 2014

Life of Flies

Interesting article on the correlation between lifelong monogamy and intelligence - in vinegar flies. But the author also discusses what this means for humans. It got me thinking about the people I know that I find interesting. Almost none of them fit the monogamous for life profile. Those that do are actually pretty boring. Their mental growth appears to have stopped at the point they first got together to become a family unit. In my limited experience, I don't see a lot of social mingling between these two types - maybe they have too little in common. Whether being interesting has a lot to do with intelligence I don't know but boring and smart don't often belong together. 

Boring does not however preclude being highly proficient or skilled in certain areas. To that end, there could be professional and financial success, being able to raise good kids and generally live a productive life. Boring, predictable, safe and stable. Not the kind of people that inspire writers to create some truly unforgettable characters. If intelligence is measured by the ability to survive and survive well, boring is just fine. But it may hardly be the life lived in full color.

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