Sunday, March 09, 2014

Stir Crazy

I think I am going to have to shoot light up my ear canals to beat out the winter blues. J has been out of school for close to three weeks now (off and on – not continuously) thanks to the crazy winter storms that have been coming our way the last couple of months.  I enjoy her at home but it does mess my schedule up completely. I suspect we get lazy together without the early morning madness that is a school day.

Activities are canceled in the evenings because of the weather so the kid is stuck home all day – and we don’t always have a plan for her. After the novelty of snowday wore off, it started to get to us. It may have been why there has been a sharp spike in both frequency and amplitude of conflict between J and I. 

Ofcourse, we argue about everything  these days – it’s that magical age. But with three weeks of snowdays, things got just a little out of hand here.  I knew that I might be in need of help when I left a bunch of nasty notes all over her room reminding her to clean up after herself.

J responded in kind and then accused me of “harassing” her by sending her “hate mail”. DB is generally able to broker peace. He “adjudicates” by giving us each a chance to air our grievances without interruption from the other and making us both promise to correct the error of our ways. Needless to say, we both carry on business as usual. J is back to leaving her room a mess and I am back to nagging her about it. I may reconsider the "hate mail" the next time I blow up.

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