Monday, April 07, 2014

Eviction Logic

My blog has a Facebook page, I do not. Recently, for the first time, I browsed through the news feed. It was a learning experience. The first day, I read some very interesting stories – enough to occupy me for the entire duration of my workout. Encouraged by the experience, I went back the next day. The quality of the stories had diminished quite a bit this evening. I still got something out of it but was a little disappointed. Day three, was a sharper drop south. The stories were positively boring by now. 

Facebook seemed to have taken the trouble to curate stuff that I would least interest me. It stayed that way for the next few days – boring, stale and not worth spending more than a few minutes over. I am not sure what the strategy was here because it was certainly not helping me come back for more. Unless, I am one of those that Facebook wants to actively disengage, whatever they are doing is not very smart. At the end of the week I was back to Feedly reading my feeds as I usually do. I am with everyone else that the author of this article is writing about. I cannot trust Facebook to power the future.

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