Thursday, February 17, 2005

How I Turned to Tea

I was never a tea of coffee drinker. Of late I drink as much as a gallon of green tea every day. Like to imagine that it is rich in anti-oxidants and will keep my heart healthy - my teeth and gums will benefit as well. I also like the ones that come with honey and ginseng added - but that's a little too "designer" for my quotidian keep-me-awake needs.

Even at the height of dot-com my work load was horribly erratic. More often than not I had only enough for a couple of hours each day. Of course there were days that seemed to never end but only rarely. To stay up and look busy after that point called for stimulants. Enter green tea - which I figured was the least evil of the choices that I had. The curve has gone only upward from what started out as a couple of cups to get through the day.

Talking of tea and dot com reminds me of the job I landed in a boutique e-commerce company that held out fresh baked Italian bread and a tall Starbucks latte as an inducement to join...But Ex told me that it was not a good deal. Back in those days I believed every thing he said like he were God. I figured later that God belonged in heaven and cohabitating with one who thought he was Him was no fun at all.

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vikasgupta said...

I quit tea, coffee, soft drinks, Dairy Milk Chocolate for good in late 2004! Then I quit Puri, Jalebi, Bhature, Butter, Jam and nail chewing and Kurkure.

I don't miss these at all and have vowed not to touch them all my life! But when I am married, my woman may want me to change (and I quite susceptible to change when in love!).

I am highly calorie-conscious and body - conscious and eat boiled vegetables in hostel mess or steam them in my microwave oven! I want permanent youth!

I am aware of the antioxidant properties of green tea. I quit it , just the same! I was quitting cigarette and I decided to quit the concomitants too! Some may say, it is like throwing the baby out with bath-water!

You can read more on my health on my blog (the health category).

Of late, I've gained weight but it's temporary!