Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Lean Review

At the end of a long shenanigan that my annual review was N, my manager asked "So would you like a Sandwich or a low-carb evaluation ?" Even past Atkins-mania that made perfect sense. N was asking if he could cut the crap and get straight to the point. I replied "Atkins".

He made me suffer though prolixity, obfuscation, business-ese and manager-ese for another hour before I was set free. Since N is more buddy, less boss I had to ask how the hell he called that hoopla "low-carb". He explained that was merely the "bed of greens to cushion the landing"

Moral of the story - Atkins does not equal lean. All ideas start simple and gather fluff along the way. Zen equals starkness.


inspiredbylife said...

"The more deeply you understand something, the harder it is to explain" isn't that true! :)

BTW if you can pardon my ignorance, what/who is Atkin? :D

Chay said...

"All ideas start simple and gather fluff along the way"

Hmmm....:-)) fluff...unfortunately, just fluff!!

FunnyCide said...

That one is real cool! DO you mind if I printed it out and posted it outside my cube!!??

Heartcrossings said...

FC - Not at all :-) Glad you liked it. A link to my blog would be nice.

Inspiredbylife - Atkins is a low carb diet fab that was in fashion a while ago. I thought it was pretty wierd.