Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Hoodia and Hunger

There is obvious irony in succor for affulenza coming from starving Kalahari bushmen. This NYT article on nature's hunger buster and debates around it's efficacy misses out only one small detail. Maybe , just maybe God put the Hoodia Gordonii where he did for a reason. Also maybe it is best for everyone that it be left there.

That some illiterate impoverished people may be sitting atop a goldmine has already got them a lawyer which is fairly ominous . BBC reported "... if the Hoodia works, the 100,000 San strung along the edge of the Kalahari will become overnight millionaires on royalties negotiated by their South African lawyer Roger Chennells."

Between that and Chennells dream "I envisage Hoodia cafes in London and New York, salads will be served and the Hoodia cut like cucumber on to the salad." billions would have been made by everyone in the game except by the San. The hapless bushmen would by then not have their Hoodia anymore to stave off hunger. Maybe greed to have and consume all goes just thus far and no further.

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