Saturday, April 09, 2005

Man Dates

Having been single for a while, I can relate to this NYT article on the perils and social awkwardness of two straight men meeting one on one for dinner as much of it translates equally well for women.

Breakups are known trigger "Let's get together for dinner this Friday" phone calls between girls. We seek a confidante with a sense of humor. That may be the only time when it does not feel awkward to be all dressed up to meet another girl for dinner. We pique curiosity, people expect two men to show up at the table and wonder why they don't. I haven't felt pressures of presumed of homosexuality but then I have not watched too close.

Hitting the salad bar down the road during lunch hour is wholly stress free. No one gives you a second look, no quartet is expected to form magically. Something about a nice dinner on a weekend and two well dressed women calls out to their non-existent love life. We most often don't enjoy flaunting that.


FunnyCide said...

I dont think I really agree with this.. I meet up with most of my girl friends [some of who are taken, some still single] over dinner.. like you said all dressed up and all that too.. I dont think that projects 1) homosexuality [awww come on!!]
2) non-existent love life!!

Heartcrossings said...

Hey Funncycide,

I can tell you are clearly a lot younger than me or my girl-freinds. By when you come of this age you'll see what I'm saying. Hanging out with girlfrieds was fun for me to but from too long ago :-)

FunnyCide said...

but I wonder.. do you think people really care who we are with.. I go out for dinners so many times.. but dont even give it a thought why the girl next table is by herself.. why the two men are without girls yada yada yada..

that makes me ask.. did you ever go out for dinners all by yourself.. at a fancy restaurant.. all dressed up..
that sure does get some attention.. esp since one has the time to sit and pay back attention to all that..

you write nicely though.. doesnt matter if I agree with the content or no..

FunnyCide said...

Eerie, that you commented on it.. felt like you are watching over my shoulder..

I thought it gets better with age? non?