Sunday, April 17, 2005

Octet on Rejection

I have at the end of a relationship been told how much he respects me, how he will always remember me as a dear friend. Emphasis already being on the past, when we are not quite broken-up yet - officially at least.

It would be better to be told he was leaving me because I totally repel him. A qualified rejection is an easier decision to come to terms with. I never understood how I could remain a dear friend, worthy of respect yet not be loved. Specially, when once there was an such over-abundance of that feeling.

Like Seth, I am left to wonder "Why is it true my ample self-affection Will not suffice to buoy me in rejection"

Octet - Vikram Seth

You don't love me at all? O God. O Shit.
You still 'respect me.' Thanks. I value it
About as much as one who's asked to use
A second hat when he's in need of shoes.
Since, I discover, my own self-respect
Is quite enough to keep my spine erect
Why is it true my ample self-affection
Will not suffice to buoy me in rejection?


buckwaasur said...

holy fuck...u come up with another blog while i'm commenting on ur earlier one?!?! what the...

well...humans have to somehow assuage their guilt...else cognitive dissonance will kick in...:-))

seth is awesome as usual...:-P

Anonymous said...

Alas, very sad..*Hugs*

Have a great weekend.
Take care, God bless and be well.