Saturday, April 02, 2005

Raaga and Love

While I am not ready yet to plunge into the depths of detail fearing the despair it will trigger, it is true many months ago, the name of a Raga had brought some music in my life, music that had returned to me after a hiatus. The suddenness of it had come with no excuses, some reasons maybe, equal measures of the poetic and the prosaic.

Deja vu had set in ninety e-mails later and this is only a week old friendship. I had wondered why must the strain R (my Ex) catch my fancy even after all that has happened. There were ominous similarities between the two men. Around that time I went back and to read some for R's gazillion e-mails to me, the leit motif of our courtship. They felt like neo literate gibberish. What was I thinking ?

This time round I had no intent of pursuing anything more serious than friendship. Why didn't I trust my first instinct ?. I got trapped in the end. In the web of words - it was the gentlest entrapment alluring and magical. It was all that an embittered dreamer needed to rekindle love and hope for life.

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Chay said...

Very Nice!!
Do we get trapped or do we allow ourselves to be trapped?
Do I ask annoying questions? ...Lollz, I bet I do!!