Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Smoke Signals and a New Pope

When I saw an odd bunch of people huddled solemnly around the TV in the break room this afternoon my heart missed a beat fearing some terrible news again - like the Tsunami. While fixing my cup of tea I figured they were waiting for white smoke to signal the new Pope. Like a bunch of children hoping to catch Santa in the act - excited but very serious about their mission.

Since the smoke was a while coming, I returned to my cube without actually seeing it. Blogosphere was already humming about it. Some interesting observations I came across were comments made on Airbag's post

"I might consider not being atheist anymore if I could just see one picture of a room full of cardinals blogging away."

"Pope 2005 Blog? I think the Vatican missed a really good opportunity for smash hit reality TV show. Who wouldn't want to tune in to a see a group of Cardinals running an obstacle course through jungles of Borneo? Talk about appealing to the masses."

"Al Gore is still demanding a recount of the smoke signals."

Then there were rumors of someone having "popesquatted" BenedictXVI.Com to sell it to pornographers. Who would have guessed a brand new Pope could hog so much air-time and bandwidth on day one?


FunnyCide said...

wonder what happens when theres gray smoke [which is what smoke looks like more times than not!!]...

lol @ cardinals blogging away!! that would be a 'cardinal' sin, now wouldnt it? ;)

buckwaasur said...

lol...that would be some reality show indeed...wonder if the church would have any following left after it airs though...:-))