Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The State of the Art - Teledildonics

Popular media is almost always a good barometer on the state of the art even it happens to be Teledildonics. The sinulator as a device is technically interesting but beyond that an agent of change in the state of cybersex.

Where before a relationship could be jeopardy from one of half of it taking on a virtual lover, something like the sinulator adds a new tactile dimension to it. It renders unfaithfulness virtually irrefutable. The hurt and heartbreak have less intangibility to seek consolation in, though technically the relationship is still cyber , ergo unreal.

There are schools of thought that believe that monogamy is a perversion and that man (and woman) are inherently polygamous. With technology enabling a mind boggling diversity in sexual stimulation there is little hope left for the boring one real time partner. When a certain practice turns so common that it gains general acceptance in mainstream society the opposite turns perverse.

In the future, having a multitude of sinulator sex partners may be as common as having chat buddies and IMing them. No one thinks anything about. Desiring a life long intimacy with one real partner who actually wakes up beside you every morning may be considered a monogamous fetish viewed with concern bordering on phobia.

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Anonymous said...

this is the most radical blog on sex I have seen on sulekha. Had to fish it out from here. Had me thinking....