Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Ultimate Niche

I pride myself on being a niche reader. If someone has written a book about her year in the Gobi desert with a pet Chihuahua for company she has in me a very interested audience. Great if it has not made it to any of the best-seller lists. There is a certain feeling of selectivity and intimacy knowing you are among the chosen few who have glimpsed into her rather unusual world. One evening on my way home on the Metro I had a seriously humbling experience.

I was seated across from two young men leafing through a book in a state of feverish excitement. My bibliophilic receptors were alerted at once in the presence of such suggestive stimulus. From where I sat I could see the book jacket but not the title. Tantalizing and wholly frustrating. Since I couldn't possibly keep staring at a man's lap, I turned back to my crossword. I kept a sneaky eye on the duo hoping to catch the title before they de-trained.

I got lucky just when their station arrived. As they walked to the door I saw it - "Secrets of Gay Witchcraft". In terms of niche I was not going to be able to best that one any time soon.

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