Saturday, April 23, 2005

Whuffie, God Genes and Serendipity

The rip and burn culture has some interesting side effects on it's unsuspecting victims. When I read about Whuffie and the concept of Karma Currency, I did not imagine that I would relate that to the studies on the God Gene.

Given my predilection for mixed genre playlists, that I would make such odd connections is not odd at all. With the media psychoanalyzing Dubya's iPod, it may be a while before iPod therapists turn a mainstream profession. Till then all of us can indulge our ear worms by stuffing them all in one place in a fully random order.

I concluded earning Whuffie would have a beneficial influence on the individual's God Gene. As a corollary to "sum of all gross Whuffie is non-zero" the God Gene can be perfected infinitely, allowing humans to reach their full divine potential.

Being fundamentally of non-scientific temperament and having only a passing acquaintance with philosophy, simplistic conclusions like this one help me internalize concepts that would have otherwise remained out of my reach. So what if it takes a rip mix, burn exercise to reach there. What's to say that's not as good a learning medium as any other ?


buckwaasur said...

lol...have fun connecting all kinds of dots...:-))

bleu said...

hey that whuffie thing was cool. simplification is the easiest way to understand somehting, and over-simplification, the fastest.


Sumita said...

You said it!!! I need to leanr the "rip, mix and burn thingy"

right now google it is... and the process is the same

But hear the connections...

SeaSwallowMe said...

LOL, nice one, crossings !

... loved this line from the wiki-link .... "..if a person has a high Whuffie score, is it for guitar playing or auto repair?..." ... ROTFL :))