Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wine for your Prime Mates

Earlier today, I was in the grocery store dithering between aisles as I am prone to do when J whines for something I will not give her and I am scrounging for the current shopping list in my bottom-less handbag. The combination can do funny things to my hand eye co-ordination.

So where I had to go the detergent/cleaner aisle I find myself in wine and beverages. Now that we are where we are J declares she "needs" some "green wine". I tell her that she is under-age for wine. She informs me she is three and will be four on her next "happy birthday". While on the topic of birthdays she extracts a promise for a "huge pink birthday cake", a party and four candles. I cannot argue with any of that. Instead I try to explain the difference between "need" and "want" and the appropriate context for each word.

After the lesson she paraphrases "I want some green wine". The older gentleman and his very proper looking wife who are within ear-shot trying to zero in on a Pinot Grigio (what else after "Sideways") are giving me dark, disapproving looks.

I almost want to tell them "Look, I'm not doing a "God Juice" deal a la MJ if that's what you're thinking. I'm a just a poor mom trying to survive a three year old uber-brat" I'm not sure if the gag order on anything MJ is on or off not having kept up with that "yucky" story. So I hold my peace and try to gag J instead as her "want green wine" gains in decibel levels.

I'm almost out of the woods when a label catches my eye. A mission of frolicking monkeys on a bottle of 2003 Cabernet Sauvignon intrigues me enough to pick it up and read the label. J assumes that I have given in to her "need" and "want" of the day and lets out a war whoop of delight. The couple that was close to calling 911 on me have left so I breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I am not exactly sure why I put the bottle of wine meant expressly for "your prime mates" in my cart. It's just one of those things that defy reason in an woman's life.

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Chay said...

Lollz!! Crossings that was exceptional as always!!
J sounds soooo precious!!!
Yeah, I have seen many a hassled mom in those very aisles struggling with the children as well as the disapproivng 'I know parenting better than you' looks!!
dont mind them....
so how was the wine??
seeya around!!