Sunday, May 01, 2005

Eco Art and Floral Jewelry

When in my teens I created my own jewelry with hemp, pebbles, shell, twigs, beads, cowry shells and terracotta baked in my mother's kitchen oven. I always thought tiny wildflowers flowers preserved in glass beads could make beautiful flower jewelry

Having grown up very close to nature that was perhaps a natural extension of my relationship. I must have been less than ten when I wore my first make-up made of powdered bougainvillea petals. In time my oeuvre extended to include rose, hibiscus, marigold an chrysanthemum.

We had mica mines in the vicinity so glitter was not too hard to come by either. Surprisingly, when I was considered old enough to wear "real" make-up I wasn't all that thrilled about it.

Reading about the bird-feeder hat brings back a crowd of old memories.


Chay said...

gosh crossings, that bird feeder hat is perfect!! of course i wont wear it lest i am called bird brained ;-))
I was looking for a unique design for my front i've found it!!
Chankoo!! :-D
love the links you give...

Heartcrossings said...

Pleasure's all mine, Chay. I love the flower jewelry A LOT :-)

buckwaasur said...

ok...ladies...jewellery talk...must...keep...away...:-P

Heartcrossings said...

Buck - looks like you are the only male that dared to venture to the distaff side after that caveat :-)

Being a minority your opinion on jewelry and make-up counts :-)