Friday, May 13, 2005

Eliminating Grayscale

As I read this beautifully written account by a man whose mother once dated a serial killer, a chill ran down my spine. I thought about the perspective of the woman herself - the minutiae of being in love and traveling with a man on a killing spree, the transforming power of this relationship, the ghosts that stayed back long past the man himself.

At an infinitely less horrific scale many of us discover the worst about our once significant other upon the demise of the relationship. We find out that we were lied to, cheated upon, that there were undisclosed skeletons in the cupboard, that they were not who we thought they were.

This story is like an epic that magnifies the human condition a million times until it transcends the ordinary. By fusing all indeterminate shades to black or white, it renders human nature shockingly two dimensional, provoking intense unease.

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Chip Nelson said...

Then there are some of us, a select few at best, who work within the belly of the beast which is the prison system. We must take what is abandonded and somehow survive the savage and the demented and then seperate ourselves from it and go home. Perspective is a funny thing, no?