Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Enabling Fairytales

In fairytales of yore, Prince Charming showed up on his white horse and after some ado, he and the Princess lived happily ever after. Growing up was about first believing in such happenstances and then knowing better. Proxi-dating, may well change that.

Allowing concessions to modern times, it requires Prince and Princess to have bluetooth enabled phones and be within fifteen meters of each other. The rest will likely follow like a charm.

Speed would be of essence in this operation. A multitude of matches could pop up within the locus of a mobile individual. Attention spans would tend to be short and distractions abundant.

While help is at hand for the Prince to conduct a seduction at high speed (this link may not be safe for work), not so for the Princess, the would-be seducee. Evolution seems to have stalled at the rather primitive book of Rules.

Nonetheless, fairytales are back with a bang : "Imagine, you are crossing the street when the girl/boy of your dreams passes before you, your phone buzzes and their face appears on your phone's screen.."

1 comment:

SeaSwallowMe said...

LOL, crossings.

the crazy thing about this is that it's very much a done deal, "presence"-technology-wise. all the components are in place, someone has to just put this all together in a killer-dating-app :-P