Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Improved Driving Directions

For the driving directions challenged such as myself Google Earth would be just what the doctor ordered. I have been lost in new cities so completely that I seemed more likely to end up in the next state than at my destination a tantalizing ten blocks away. Direction-challenged-ness I'm sure is fairly common why else could there be GPS navigators in rental cars and directions through SMS

When someone asks me for directions to my place I do very well until I have to decide whether they would have to turn left or right relative to the direction from where they are coming from. Awkwardness could get no worse than when someone calls me from an intersection asking "Now what, left or right ?" and me saying "I'm not sure. But make a left see if you go past an Exxon and a BofA - they you're in the right direction" I cringe inwardly knowing the logical next question could be which side of the street the aforementioned landmarks would be seen. I have to admit not having a clue.

Most of my friends are aware of my deficient directional intelligence and find their way without any help (or is that hindrance) from me. They figure the effect of moving to the South from the North has rubbed off on me - as in "You can ask a Southerner for directions, but unless you already know the positions of key hills, trees and rocks, you're better off trying to find it yourself."

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bharath said...

feel sad for your friends :( you should improve or caution of lack of any assistance when lost. :))

yeah it will be nice to have technology that solves the problem and to have them every car. :)