Sunday, May 22, 2005

Lights in Fabric

Last weekend J and I were over at a friend's farm just outside the city. It was an afternoon of many firsts for J. She saw a horse for the first time, rode on a John Deere, watched a bon-fire and got chased by a friendly Daschund.

By the time the citronella candles were lit and we sat down to dinner, J was exhausted from the excess of novel experiences and wanted to go home. Our hostess gave her and the other kids glow necklaces. The merry bonfire, candles and phosphorent glow necklaces on the playing children made a beautiful picture of flickering lights in the gathering darkness.

When we got home, J's necklaces made an unusual night lamp. I wondered how long the light would last. It was not long. They had dimmed considerably by the next night. Now it is no more than colored strands of plastic. Seeing the glow necklaces I wondered if it were possible to use something like it for real illumination.

Almost on cue to my thoughts I stumble on something even more remarkable than what I had imagined - LED embedded fabric. I wonder when this will become freely available like glow necklaces.

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bharath said...

you might have the premonition to all geeky discoveries of the future methinks :) ;-P so keep working on your intution. you shud work with some creative artists (like yourself?) to give shape to your thoughts.