Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Mobile Conundrums

Any one who has suffered loud cell phone conversations in public places would know to appreciate a devise like the Babble

Hopefully some geek will take this to the logical next level and generate
white noise from the babble. It's great news that you will not be subjected to the excruciating details of X's break-up with Y and what her sister's mother-in-law had to say on the subject and can get away with some kind of humming sound. However, peace and quiet in the public place would be infinitely more desirable

I few days ago I had a weird cell phone user experience. I was getting into work when a man walked up and said with warmth very uncharacteristic for a co-worker "Where have you been ?" I was positive I did not know him and gave him a perplexed look followed by an "Excuse Me ?" It was all within a few seconds. He had moved ahead.

He turned back, pointed to his miniature ear-pods and by way of apology said " Sorry, I am on the phone" Talk about poor ear-eye co-ordination. I look forward to technology that would alert people around hands-free cell-phone users that they are not talking to anyone in their physical vicinity.


bharath said...

lol, that happens to me, even when I know some one is on the cell phone. :)

carla said...

LOL it happens to me too.

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