Friday, May 20, 2005

Mothers' Renaissance

It warms my heart unaccountably to know that culture cramming is the not parenting nirvana and that J may thrive even without trips to the museum every weekend. I must be one guilty mom to seek statistical affirmation for my actions when I know only too well how one study can be quickly unseated by another.

It is possible that I will find out twenty years too late that I did J
incalculable harm by not signing her up for all manner of enrichment programs from age two. That instead of jumping on to the Mommy bandwagon to fight the war against pop culture excess and trying to insulate J from it all, I should have done something quite different.

My friend K has a thirteen year old who is a virtuoso video game player - she is proud of his speed and prowess and often tells me J could benefit from a gameboy. I am not convinced that J's three year old motor and cognitive skills need to be jolted out of somnolence just yet - but then that is me. Mothers are due for a renaissance for more reasons than one.

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bleu said...

If there one concept of 'growing up' then all of future generation will look like industrially manufacture, right? I think there is a strong case for why you should make a choice for your children as per your own intuition than follow any sort of trend or group behaviour (like my friend did that or this).